The Backpacker Guide can help you learn more about what its like to work in the creative industries in Vermont by connecting you with some of our brightest emerging and established artists. Connections are organized in two ways, by geographic region (our "zones") and by creative sector.

  • When you explore by Creative Zone you're going to come across more organizations than people; this is because many of the organizations that thrive in Vermont have well-defined, geographically shaped audiences. These organizations tend to offer broad resources and are easily accessible. 

  • When you explore by Creative Sector you'll encounter people, our "connectors." Connectors have direct and personal experience making a living in Vermont while sustaining and advancing their creative practice. We think our connectors are inspired - and inspiring!

Click through, get lost, meet some amazing people and organizations doing inspiring work. And, if you're not finding what you're looking for, drop us a line and we'll try to help get you dialed in.


An area just under 10,000 square miles, nestled among the metropolitan markets of New York, Boston, Montreal and Albany. Vermont's compact towns and villages foster livable density while ensuring intact forests and a working landscape. Six "creative zones" invite residents and visitors alike to explore distinct regional assets within our vibrant creative state.


By any standard, its the people of Vermont that make this such a unique and supportive environment for the creative industries. Though our market is small, our hearts are big – and through connection and collaboration we're able to generate a surprising number of wondrous things. Meet some of the people who make Vermont a great state to create.


Lars Hasselblad Torres

Barn Raiser

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Lars is an artist and educator with a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Jennifer Rutherford

Digital Grower

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Jennifer is a writer, producer and director whose work spans a decade of commercial and feature work.

Edmar Mendizabal

Pixel Painter

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Edmar is an indie game producer, production educator, and  champion of the creative economy.

Mystery Cat

Eye Floater Gazer

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Always learning new ways to play without scratching the leather. Could be you?



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