2.5 Million Vertical Feet of Human-powered Filmmaking

Tyler Wilkinson Ray is a Vermont filmmaker out in the world whose most recent short film, 2.5 MILLION, screened at the Green Mountain International Film Festival. Now that the snow is off the ground it Vermont, it seems like a good time to introduce the film. Enjoy!

2.5 MILLION follows American skier Aaron Rice who is driven to ski 2.5 million vertical feet, all human powered. This means that Aaron must walk up every foot that he skis down. His goal: to break the existent world record of 2 million vertical feet set by Greg Hill in 2010. To be successful Aaron trains to ski over 330 days in the calendar, averaging something like 5,000 feet per day.

The challenge is both physical and mental, and any injury could signal the end of Aaron's bid.

The documentary is filmed, directed and edited by Tyler Wilkinson-Ray and is a visually stunning, humanly compelling story.


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