Backpacker Welcomes Summer Scout

Clementine O'Connor, Backpacker Arts Apprentice, holding up well after taking in a day of film at the White River Indie Film Fest (

This month Clementine O'Connor begins her summer stint as Backpacker Guide's first Arts Apprentice. We're thrilled to have her with us, and look forward to a busy summer traveling the state to discover and celebrate the creatives of Vermont.

As a longtime NaNoWriMo participant, Clementine likes to write anything about anything. She writes a lot of fiction in her free time, but balances that out with a healthy interest in the real world and its goings-on. She has always been fascinated by Vermont’s peculiar identity as a state. As an aspiring creative (who would one day like to retire to a cabin in the middle of nowhere) the artistic scene in Vermont is particularly meaningful to her.

As an Arts Apprentice’ with the Backpacker Guide, Clementine is looking to understand creativity in Vermont. She'll help research, interview for, and write ‘feature’ articles about the people and events that characterize our state. She's also learning to shoot with a DSLR while on the job; she's already developed an affection for capturing water in different states of motion!

Clementine is an English major between her sophomore and junior years. During the summers, she lives in Cabot, Vermont with three siblings, five cats, and six ducks; naturally, most of her actual work gets done in Montpelier where she's a member at Local 64, the capital city's coworking space and creativity hub.


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