East Sacramento Invests in Creative District

An excerpt from a recent article in Comstock's illustrates the power of public vision and investment in the creative economy as a distinct sector in a capital city.

Designer Nar Bustamante is world class a designer who was attracted to East Sacramento by public support for a design district. “I remember … [Steinberg] would say, ‘Sacramento is going to be a great city, you don’t want to miss out,’” Bustamante says. “There are few people that could say that in a way that’s as penetrating as him, particularly since he’s been so deeply involved in believing in Sacramento for a very long time. I took that to heart.”

Steinberg says that attracting creative professionals with reach like Nar’s is exactly what he hopes to see more of in the future as part of a broader mission to diversify Sacramento’s economy, which historically has been heavily reliant on public service jobs. To increase economic activity and improve public spaces through art, food and technology, the City of Sacramento launched the Creative Economy Pilot Project last year, offering up to $500,000 in grants to support projects such as pop-up events, art installations and street performances. Last fall, the City announced 57 award recipients.

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