Ex-Disney Designer Crafts Cannabis Retail Experiences

The Stoned Age dispensary rendering. Photo by The McBride Company in TheCannabist.co

The Cannabist, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, recently profiled architect and designer Johnnie Rush of The McBride Company, an architectural design firm headquartered in Vermont that specializes in the creation of fantastic cannabis retail experiences.

The design company is reported to have created everything from restaurants to hotels, theaters, casinos -- and most notably over the last two decades the sole design ambassador for Margaritaville.

Now The Cannabist reports, the firm is putting their playful eye to cannabis retail shops.

"An expert at creating imaginative, impressive storylines, Johnnie Rush is the chief business innovation officer for the firm, with an equally impressive resume. He used to work as Vice President of Imagineering for Disney.

Rush has made it his mission to transform the architectural frontier of cannabis dispensaries in the same unique, transporting way. Transporting how exactly, you ask? Imagine pushing a button on a fortune telling Mystic Pineapple which then produces a note telling you which cannabis item you should buy."

Read the full Cannabist article here.