Flying, Fighting "Cat Ace" Shooter Released in Early Access

Misc Labs in Southern Vermont has released their first title to An aerial shooter that interacts like a more nimble, feature-rich version of Asteroids, "Cat Ace" is faster-paced and requires solid WASD skills. The basic idea: shoot down everything that comes at you, and keep alive. Dynamics such as weaponry, flight control ("boost," "brake" and "barrel roll") and life and ammo tokens keep you hunting for the next kill.

The graphics are cool and clean with subtle touches that give the game depth and a heightened sense of familiarity -- its not hard to pretend that you're PORCO ROSSO in a World War mashup where P-38's are as likely to appear as a Tiger Shark firing off heat-seeking missiles. The sound design is great -- the credits build anticipation while the 8-bit in-game effects keep it playful and give momentum to the interaction. The soundtrack is scored by Factor 13 out of New York City.

Cat Ace is an impressive first title from the Southern Vermont studio Misc Labs helmed by Jess Winter. In Early Access release, the Cat Ace team promises 95 percent completion, with just a few more bugs to chase down and squash. Nonetheless, if you're looking for a fun way to kill a few minutes between jobs and want to work out your left hand, Cat Ace is a great way to go!

Download the Early Access version at


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