Humble Switchel Nabs Big Away Cred in Health

FoodNavigator has posted a lively profile of Vermont-based Upmountain Switchel company, a "farm-to-bottle" company that reproduces the traditional summer refresher for the mass market. Their latest version of the probiotic drink is Swizzle, switchel with carbonated fizz to provide a little kick and joy to their adventurous flavors.

Switchel is a drink of many regional recipes in Vermont. The most extreme are said to include apple vinegar, maple syrup, a little oatmeal and molasses, to replenish electrolytes and energy during the hot haying season. Today's switchel comes in varieties that often include lemon and ginger.

With the simple promise of roots, fruit and sap, Upmountain Switchel has done well in the health food market. Calling itself the "American heritage beverage," the brew is now produced and bottled in Brooklyn and appears poised with the launch of its canned Swizzle drink.

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