LAST VERMONT CHRISTMAS Films in Rhinebeck, Kingston

LAST VERMONT CHRISTMAS filming in the Hudson Valley, with effects by Empire FX. Photo courtesy Hudson Valley Film Commission Actors and Crew on Facebook.

LAST VERMONT CHRISTMAS wraps on filming in downtown Rhinebeck this week, after which it will head to Kingston for two weeks of production. The film is a holiday drama about a couple who decide to sell the Vermont home in which they raised a family. The parents decide to tell the kids about their plan during what will be their last Christmas gathering in the state.

Shot on a budget of less than $1M, the film production will rely heavily on both special effects and New York state's film tax incentive program. According to the film's producer Michael Wickham, another factor to the location is the film professionals who live locally. In a recent Poughkeepsie Journal article, Wickham is noted as a California resident with roots in the valley, who now champions the region as a location. “I know how beautiful the capital region and the Hudson Valley are,” he said in the Journal, “You can be in a city and 20 minutes later, you can be on a farm.”


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