Mechaboys Launch!

Please come to the Mechaboys book launch at Phoenix Books in Burlington, VT on Thursday April 5th a 7pm. It’s about two teenage boys who build a robot battle suit in their garage. Also, this book is for adults, not kids! My first totally new grown-up book in almost a decade maybe? (But if you know teenagers that grew up on my kids books, they’d probably love it too.)…/james-kochalka-mechaboys-book…

best wishes, James Kochalka

"Mechaboys feels like the return of an old friend... like the Linklater movie Dazed & Confused mixed with a garage-built robot battle suit. Pure Kochalka magic!" — Atomic Books

"It’s a very David book.” - some guy named David on Twitter

"Long-term Kochalka devotees will adore this return to top form” - Page45

"Almost every panel or page could be framed and hung on a wall, or printed on a T-shirt” - Slings & Arrows

"Kochalka includes the standard high-school plot points—party in the woods, gym class rope-climb, an obnoxious bully, secret crushes, crass teenage repartee—but he deftly keeps it cliché-free." — Booklist


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