A Sci-fi Picture is Made in Vermont

Updated: Mar 2

WETWARE is an unusual film for Vermont, a sci-fi thriller that explores genetic modification and what it means to be human.

NEK filmmaker Jay Craven has begun screening his latest film WETWARE around the state. The film is an adaptation of the smart biopunk-ish novel of the same name by Putney's Craig Nova. Set in a future populated by a genetically engineered servant class ("Mungos"), the novel is an atmospheric countdown piece that pits "woke" Mungos against their creators in a race for survival. Billed as a "future film noir," one of the most exciting aspects of the film is its treatment of location -- transforming a state that prides a rural bucolic image into a future dystopia is no easy sleight of hand.

Seven Days caught up with Jay Craven just before a series of Burlington premiers of the film. Read the interview here. Copies of the DVD and screenings can be arranged through KCP Productions.