Stowe Story Labs Offers SAGIndie Support

Photo courtesy Stowe Story Lab

SAGindie is offering a Second Annual Fellowship to this Fall's Stowe Story Lab for a top emerging filmmaker of color. This year’s lab will be held September 8 – 11. To learn more about the Lab, please click here

The SAGindie Fellowship covers fees to attend the Lab and provides as well a contribution toward travel and lodging expenses, among other benefits. To learn more about Stowe Story Labs Fellowships, click here

Any screenwriter, filmmaker, or creative producer interested in the SAGindie Fellowship may apply now through July 15 to this Fall’s Lab by clicking here, using code SAGindie (to reduce 'out of season' application fee to below regular fee).

Stowe Story Labs is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that offers labs, workshops, retreats, other programming, and community to help top emerging screenwriters, filmmakers, and creative producers advance their work. 

SAGindie is an educational organization that promotes the working relationship between professional actors and passionate independent filmmakers. As a free resource, SAGindie offers filmmakers clarity and kinship by guiding them through the SAG-AFTRA signatory process, making it even easier to hire professional actors, regardless of budget.

Apply here.


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