The Kickstarter Effect In Vermont: Its Bigger than You Think

In 2012 Local 64 published survey of the impact of Kickstarter in Vermont. It's hard to believe that back then we were still calling the crowdfunding platform a "startup" and expressions like "crowdfunding" were relatively new. At the time of the report, Vermont crowdfunding platforms Milk Money and did not exist; and yet Kickstarter was pouring nearly $750,000 annually into Vermont's creative economy -- making it the single largest, diversified investor in the arts and creativity in the state.

Today the platform is more powerful than ever. Over the next three months the Backpacker Guide will update the study and we'd love your help. If you can help us by underwriting the cost of this research, visit Backpacker Media for more information.

In the meantime, enjoy the original version of the report for a sense of Kickstarter's statewide impact in 2011 and 2012. Download the raw data here. Special thanks to Fresh Tracks Capital for their early support on this.


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