The Storytellers of Vermont, A CBS Profile

[From] Slow down. Talk. Listen. In a world of partisan politics and viral videos these concepts can feel like relics of a bygone era.

But something's happening in Vermont. In the hip art houses of Burlington, at serene coffee shops outside Montpelier and in cozy wooden theaters of rural Rutland, people are coming together to connect with one another, to look each other in the eye, to share laughs and tears and ideas. They're the storytellers of Vermont.

"We're sort of circling back to that tradition of sitting and listening to people and really hearing somebody else's perspective," says Susanne Schmidt.

Fame isn't something most of these storytellers seek and certainly don't expect. But in her own regard, Susanne Schmidt is a famed storyteller of Vermont. She's a licensed mental health counselor by day and a storytelling virtuoso by night. She's also a regional producer for the ultra popular storytelling podcast, "The Moth," co-creator of a collaboration between comedic storytellers and non-profit organizations called Say It Forward, and a regular storyteller at events all across the state.

Read the full story and watch the video here.


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