We Love this New Video from Central Vermont Musician Kris Gruen

Updated: Mar 2

Release Radar shares this premiere off of alt-folk rocker Kris Gruen's recent album, "Every Day and Night Now." The single blends bright guitar harmonies with the singer-songwriters' smooth and maturing voices. The video captures a lovely pastoral and metro cultural blend of reflection and forward momentum. On creating the video with local filmmaker ChrisGreen at Montpelier's ORCA Media, Kris says:

Peter and I wrote this song in an old renovated theater in Stockholm. So when it came time to imagine a video, we reached out to a mutual Stockholm-based friend, and very talented videographer, Martin Hedman (Carlwin film & television). Martin was amazing! He was really inspired by the song and immediately built a concept. We asked my Central Vermont-based friend, Chris Green (ORCA Media) to shoot my footage in the mountains of Vermont, while Martin shot Peter and company in Stockholm.

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